About Us


We are a company that provides chimney cleaning, repair, and inspection services. We have been providing the best chimney sweeping services in Charleston, SC at affordable prices.

About Our Team

Our team is dedicated to being thorough and clean while working on your home. We understand that your family and pets may be there during our visit, so we take care not to disrupt either one when cleaning out your fireplace or furnace for you. All of our work is backed up by years of experience in this field, and we know exactly how to handle any problem that might arise with your fireplace system when we arrive to give it a perfect sweep every time!

What Does Our Company Do?

Whether you need an annual inspection of your chimney system to ensure its in safe operating condition, need creosote buildup removed from your fireplace before it causes issues with your home, or just need a good clean out to get rid of the dirt and debris that has built up in your furnace or firebox, we can help! Our technicians sweep each chimney once per year to keep them working properly. Whether you use your fireplace for heat or just for cozy winter evenings by the fireside, this is an important service that needs to be done at least once every 12 months.

 Clean Chimney Sweep Charleston clean up creosote and other buildup to ensure that your chimney and furnace are safe and ready to use. We also inspect and clean the damper to ensure that exhaust gases can exit your chimney properly, so they don’t pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning for you and anyone else in your home.